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The snowboard simulator moves just like a real snow board. Imagine working your way down a powdery swiss mountainside, shredding the slopes or cutting a dash on the snowy off-piste until gravity finally wins and you fall... onto the soft inflatable base!!

The snowboard simulator is excellent fun for adults and kids alike. Its also great fun for spectators as they enjoy the rders hilarious attempts to stay on the snow board.

!The Snowboard simulator is the perfect choice for your Christmas party or any Winter themed event. Supplied with a fully trained mountain fresh operator.

ISpace required for Snowboard simulator machine-

length 12' (3.65 metre)   Width 12' (3.65 metre)  and requires a metre square space around machine.

Height 9’0

Price on request

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Please feel free to contact us for advice or availability for your event or promotion.

Grab your board and head to snow-covered slopes. It's easy with our Snowboard simulator. Ideal for all winter themed parties!